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Most documents available on Monroe County Government's web site are in PDF format. Latest Adobe Acrobat Reader can be downloaded free here.

NOTE:  Mozilla Firefox is experiencing problems when downloading fillable PDF forms.  They are currently working on this issue.  If you use Firefox as your browser, you will be prompted to open with a different viewer as these type of PDF forms do not display correctly.  Fillable forms will display properly using Internet Explorer.

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The Monroe County Planning Department performs a vital role in creating and communicating a vision of the county and acts as the primary coordinating agency in the development, adoption, and implementation of the county's land use plans and policies. The department provides both current and long range planning services to the various County boards, including the Plan Commission, Board of Zoning Appeals and County Commissioners, as well as to the general public.  Staff also provides assistance to outside agencies focusing on development opportunities in Monroe County.  The Plan Commission jurisdiction is that area outside the former Two-Mile Fringe and the areas previously governed by the City of Bloomington's Planning Jurisdiction.

In the realm of current planning, the department reviews subdivisions, zone change requests, site plans, and variances, among other submitted plans (e.g., grading permit applications). Prior to submittal, an applicant must schedule a "pre-design" conference with one of the planners to go over the request and the specific items required for the request. Application fees will vary depending on the type of request, with the specific fee being given during the pre-design conference.

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