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Through a series of community exercises, residents and key stakeholders have developed this vision of future property use in Monroe County through the adoption of the Monroe County Comprehensive Plan effective March 20, 2012. This vision recognizes the interdependence of social equity, economic vitality and environmental integrity to provide a sustainable future for Monroe County.

This Comprehensive Plan was prepared and adopted in accordance with the 500 series of Indiana Code Chapter 36-7-4. It establishes property use policies for the Monroe County Planning and Zoning Jurisdictional Area (County Jurisdictional Area), which may be implemented through ordinances and administrative procedures. It is not intended to be used as a primary property use and development guide by landowners and residents.

The following documents are incorporated into this Plan by reference:
  • The Monroe County Thoroughfare Plan, 1995;
  • The Harrodsburg Rural Community Land Use Plan, 2003;
  • The Ellettsville Rural Community Land Use Plan, 2003;
  • The Smithville-Sanders Rural Community Land Use Plan, 2005;
  • The Monroe County Alternative Transportation & Greenways Plan, 2006;
  • The Stinesville Rural Community Land Use Plan, as amended 2010;
  • The State Road 37 Corridor Study, 2010; and
  • The Monroe County Parks & Recreation Plan, 2008-2012.
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View the Monroe County Comprehensive Plan:

Monroe County Comprehensive Plan

Posted 06/21/13