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General Information


Members Appointed by: Term
Expiration Date
Joe Goss Commissioner 12-31-18
Paul White Commissioner 12-31-18
Julio Alonso Commissioner 12-31-17
Reed Adams County Council 12-31-17
Lisa Ridge,
Public Works
By Virtue of Office  
John Chambers,
Highway Supt.
By Virtue of Office  

TERM:  Two years

CONTACT:  John Chambers - 812-825-5355

The duties of the Commission shall include, but not be limited to, making recommendations for ordinances to the Board of Commissioners to: 

  • determine the location of stop signs, slow
    signs and yield signs on County roads
  • set speed limits
  • designate one-way roads
  • regulate the operation of bicycles
  • regulate traffic generally by the authority of IC 9-21-1-3.

The commission consists of seven Traffic Commission members including the Monroe County Sheriff or designee, the Monroe County Highway Superintendent or designee and the Monroe County Highway Engineer or designee.  in addition, there shall be four members, three of whom shall be district  representatives, and one of whom shall be a representative of the County at-large, and all of whom shall be appointed for a term of two years.  There shall be one representative appointed by the Board of Commissioners from each of the three Commissioner districts and one at-large member appointed by the County Council.  All members of the Commission shall be voting members.

 The scheduled meeting dates for the 2017 Monroe County Traffic Commission are as follows.  These meetings will be held at 1:30 pm in the North Showers Building, 501 N. Morton St., in Conference Room 106 A.

2017 Monroe County Traffic Committee Meeting Schedule

January 19, 2017
February 16, 2017
March 16, 2017
April 20, 2017
May 18, 2017
June 15, 2017
July 20, 2017
August 17, 2017
September 21, 2017
October 19, 2017
November 16, 2017
December 21, 2017



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501 N. Morton Street
Showers Building
Room 216 (Map)

Phone: 812-349-2555
Fax: 812-349-2959
Stormwater 812-349-2117
Pot Hole
Road Maint.
Snow Removal


Hours: 8:00 am - 4:00 pm
Monday - Friday