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Stormwater Education and Materials for Teachers

In order for Monroe County to comply with Rule 13, a certain amount of public education and outreach must be fulfilled, and there is no one better than our community's teachers to facilitate this requirement.  There are many ways to incorporate storm water education into a variety of classroom subjects and since stormwater quality affects everyone, it is easy for students to relate to the subject.

The following is a description of state-funded programs designed to provide teachers with hands on knowledge of storm water, and the curriculum materials needed to pass that knowledge on to students.

Project WET  (Water Education for Teachers)

      Project WET provides teacher training workshops that last 6 hours, and are designed to:

  • Provide hands on experience in the use of the Project WET Curriculum and Activity Guide;
  • Explore a range of activities that can be infused into science, math, language arts, social studies, reading, art, and music curricula in grades K-12;
  • Supply information about Indiana's water resources and water quality management issues;
  • Link teachers with water resource agencies and conservation programs.

Workshops cost $15 per person in order to cover the cost of the Curriculum Guide, which contains storm water quality lessons for grades K-12.  (*all previous info was taken directly from Project WET brochure)

For more information visit the Project WET website. 

Hoosier Riverwatch

Training Workshops: Hoosier Riverwatch offers introductory and advanced stream monitoring training at various locations throughout Indiana. These workshops are usually free and open to any adult interested in water quality.

Water Monitoring Equipment Grants: Since 1996, Hoosier Riverwatch has awarded 225 grants to volunteer groups throughout Indiana.  Each grant provides up to $500 of water monitoring equipment.  In return, grant recipients agree to monitor their selected stream or river segments at least four times a year for two years.  Volunteers also attend one or more training workshops.  Any school or community organization in Indiana is eligible to apply.  The grant application deadline is in the spring with distribution of equipment in the summer.

"Adopt a River" Program:  A school or community group can adopt at least a 1/2 mile stream segment which they have to clean twice a year for two years.  The cleanup will be recognized by a large colorful sign erected along a highway nearest the adopted site.

For more information please visit the Hoosier Riverwatch website and click on "Hoosier Riverwatch Workshops"