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Stormwater Maps

Visualization of the Urbanized Area affected by Rule 13 is essential when attempting to understand the scope of the storm water program in Monroe County. 

It is also important to understand which watersheds storm water from  the Urbanized Area drains into,  therefore, there are a few maps available to help with this visualization.   As the storm water program progresses, we hope to add more helpful maps.   

You will need to download Adobe Acrobat Reader to read or print these forms

Map Description Link
Monroe County Urbanized Area This map shows Monroe County and it shades the Urbanized Area. Urbanized Area
HUC Watersheds within Monroe County This map shows the 14 digit Hydrolic Unit Code (HUC) Watersheds, streams, and Urbanized Area within Monroe County.  The HUCs are watersheds that have been delineated by the United States Geological Survey and given a 14 digit code to identify them.   Watersheds
Natural Features Inventory Links to the Monroe County Planning Department's Natural Features Inventory data. Planning Dept