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Monroe County's Economy

The Bloomington Economic Development Corporation funded a benchmarking study from the Indiana Business Research Center. Below is the 2007 report and presentation.

Tax Increment Financing in Monroe County

Monroe County is home to one of the most successful Tax Increment Financing (TIF) districts in the United States.  Since 1995, our Westside TIF has invested over $6.1 million on infrastructure crucial to the attraction and retention of our largest private employers, with several projects currently underway.  Exciting opportunities are on the horizon of our newest TIF located at the corner of Highway 37 and Highway 46.

Tax Abatement in Monroe County

Companies locating or expanding in Monroe County may receive up to ten years of property tax benefits to substantially reduce the cost of new investments.  Companies pay no taxes on the abated investment in year one of the tax abatement.  Benefits gradually decrease over the period of the abatement until the year after the tax abatement ends, at which point the company pays full taxes.  For more information on tax abatements, click here.