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The YSB program was designed to meet the needs of youth and families in Monroe County and its surrounding communities, a goal which requires a wide variety of programs and services. To fulfill this goal, YSB has developed a program based on three major components:

  1. Binkley House Emergency Youth Shelter Services

The Binkley House Youth Shelter is the largest division of YSB, and provides short-term residential care and crisis intervention for youth ages 8-17. The shelter provides emergency shelter for runaways, homeless youth, and youth in crisis or abusive situations at home.

Accessible 24 hours a day, Binkley House provides services such as counseling, education, supervised recreation, transportation to and from school and other appointments, and referrals to a variety of agencies for related services.

YSB also assists with transitional services during a youth's stay at the Binkley House Youth Shelter. These include independent living, transition to long-term residential care, transition from long-term residential care back home, and long-term aftercare counseling. The youth shelter also serves as a respite resource for youth placed in foster homes to minimize foster care repeat placements.  The Youth Services Bureau of Monroe County does not charge a fee for the services provided for Safe Place or parental admissions.

Referrals to the youth shelter can be made by other social service agencies, parents, or by the youth themselves.

Please click here for a list of helpful documents that provide information on placing a youth at the shelter. Please click here for the HMIS Privacy Policy.

Click the following links to see pictures of the Binkley House Emergency Youth Shelter.

Activity Area

Resident Dining Area

TV/Reading Area

Resident Bedroom

Resident Bathroom

Basketball Court

  1. Homebased Counseling

YSB provides intensive home-based counseling at no cost to families at risk of abuse or neglect, or youth at risk of running away. Whenever feasible, maintaining the family unit as a functional entity is our goal. Family preservation is always the preferred outcome.

Click here for information on our clinical staff and to make an appointment.

  1.  Project Safe Place

Click the above link for more information about Project Safe Place.


YSB also maintains partnerships with other agencies to provide services related to the three components listed above and to ensure effective and efficient use of available community resources.