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View our site at  for your guide to waste management issues in Monroe County, the locations of our facilities, and hours of operation.  For details on our recycling locations, click the site below:


Orange Bag Trash Service at Rural Recycling Centers

Monroe County residents who use the District's Rural Recycling Centers are required to dispose of their non-recyclable trash in Big Orange Bags (BOB) or Little Orange Bags (LOB). Bags cost $12.50 per roll for 33 gal. BOBs, and $10.00 a roll for LOBs. Bags come in rolls of 10 for 33 gal. BOBs, and in rolls of 20 for 15 gal. LOBs. (That's $1.25 each for BOBs and $.50 each for LOBs) and are available at most Monroe County grocery and hardware stores.
Bags are available to low income residents through the South Central Community Action Program.
Remember, this Orange Bag Trash program applies only to people using the Southside, Northeast, Westside, and Ellettsville Recycling Centers. This program does not apply to Bloomington residents who have city curbside pick up or people using private trash haulers although they may use the service if they wish.  
There is no fee or bag required to drop off items for recycling at the Recycling Centers.  Call (812) 349-2020 for further details.


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Location: 3400 South Walnut Street
Bloomington IN 47401 (Map)
Phone: 812-349-2020
Fax: 812-349-2872