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Presby Septic Systems in Monroe County 

Know the components of your Septic System and its location.

    *Do not drive on/over the septic system

    *Do not cover your field with gravel, asphalt, concrete slabs, buildings, or swimming pools.

    *The septic tank lids must always be visible and accessible for maintenance.

A diagram of your field may be obtained from the Monroe County Health Department.

All septic tanks installed since 2001, are equipped with an effluent filter to prevent suspended solids from entering and destroying the field. The filter is sized to allow normal water use for your system for a two to three year period. Every two to three years of normal use the septic tank should be routinely pumped of solids and the filter should be cleaned and placed back into the tank.

Divert rainwater from the Septic Field.

    *A soggy drain field will not absorb effluent.

    *Keep all excess water, such as rainwater, from guttering and foundations of the septic system.

Don't overload the Septic System.

    *Check all faucets and toilets for leaks.

    *Practice water conservation when possible such as full loads on the dishwasher or washing machine.

    *Don't exceed the amount of water your septic system can handle.

Septic system size is based on bedroom count

    *Two bedroom is rated for 300 gallons per day

    *Three bedroom is rated for 450 gallons per day

    *Four bedroom is rated for 600 gallons per day

Definition of what is considered a "bedroom" by the Monroe County Health Department:

"Bedroom" means any room in a  residence that contains all of the following:  Forty-five square feet or more and at least one operable window or exterior door, approved for emergency egress or rescue.

A "bedroom" is NONE of the following:  Bathroom, Kitchen, Closet, Foyer, Pantry, Laundry Room, Furnace Room, Utility Room, Living Room and/or Grand Room.

By this definition, the following WOULD be considered a "bedroom":  In-Home Office, Sewing Room, Recreation Room, Den, Storage Room, Music Room, etc.

Do not pour damaging materials into your septic system.

Examples of damaging materials:

    *Varnish, Paint Thinners, Motor Oil, Gasoline, and excessive amounts of Bleach and cleaners, kitchen grease and excessive amounts of paper products are also hazardous to your septic system.

**Keep a Maintenance Record**


Please contact one of our Wastewater Specialists at (812) 349-2834 or (812) 349-2073 for more information.

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