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The Monroe County Board of Health meets quarterly at the Health Services Building in the Meeting Room at 5:30 pm, unless specified otherwise.  The Health Services Building is located at 119 West 7th Street.

2018 Agendas and Minutes

January 16, 2018            Agenda    Minutes

April 24, 2018                   Agenda    Minutes

July 17, 2018                    Agenda    Minutes

October 2, 2018               Agenda    Minutes


2017 Agendas and Minutes

January 10, 2017            Agenda    Minutes

March 14, 2017               Notice       Minutes                       *Added meeting; No Public Comment

April 4, 2017                    Agenda     Minutes

Notice of Possible Quorum at City Council meetings on April 12, 2017 and April 19, 2017

July 18, 2017                   Agenda     Minutes

October 3, 2017              Agenda     Minutes


2016 Agendas and Minutes

January 12, 2016            Agenda     Minutes

April 5, 2016                     Agenda     Minutes

July 12, 2016                    Agenda     Minutes

October 4, 2016               Agenda     Minutes


2015 Agendas and Minutes

January 27, 2015            Agenda     Minutes

April 7, 2015                     Agenda     Minutes

July 15, 2015                    Agenda     Minutes

October 20, 2015             CANCELLED

November 10, 2015        Agenda     Minutes


2014 Agendas and Minutes

January 28, 2014          Agenda     Minutes

 April 1, 2014                  Agenda     Minutes

July 1, 2014                    Agenda     Minutes

October 7, 2014             Agenda     Minutes     Strategic Plan


2013 Agendas and Minutes

January 22, 2013          Agenda     Minutes

April 2, 2013                   Agenda     Minutes  

July 9, 2013                    Agenda     Minutes

October 1, 2013             Agenda     Minutes

Mission Statement Meeting Minute
s for 2012

November 8th 

November 28th

Board Members for 2018

Thomas W. Sharp, M.D., Health Officer

Mark Norrell, FACHE, HFA, Board Chairperson

Ashley Cranor, M.P.H., Board Vice Chairperson
Carol Litten Touloukian, M.D.
Stephen Pritchard, D.D.S.
George D. Hegeman, Ph.D.
Kay Leach, R.N.
Robert Wrenn, M.D.

Meeting Schedule Minimize
June 2018
Monroe County Public Health Clinic Meeting Room - 333 E. Miller Drive (map)