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Severe Weather/Outdoor Warning Siren System

Through a combined effort of county, city, Indiana University, townships, other governmental agencies, churches and area businesses, Monroe County has 42 Outdoor Warning Sirens .  The sirens are Outdoor Warning Sirens and are designed to be heard outdoors but you may hear a siren inside if you are near a siren location.

When you hear a steady tone, it means that a tornado has been sighted in Monroe County or the National Weather Service has issued a tornado warning for Monroe County.

  • Take cover immediately.
  • There is no “All Clear” signal.
  • Tune to local cable TV or radio stations for information and instructions.

The Outdoor Warning Sirens are tested on the first Friday of the month at 12:00 noon unless weather conditions are such that there may be a need for an actual weather warning.

The question is often asked "When are Outdoor Warning Sirens activated?" Monroe County Central Dispatch has established a protocol for activation of the siren system.

  1. When a TORNADO WARNING has been issued for Monroe County by the National Weather Service at the Indianapolis office.
  2. When a public safety officer (police, fire or EMS) reports SIGHTING a funnel cloud or tornado.
  3. Based on a report from a trained Skywarn Spotter.
  4. Note that there is no “All Clear” signal. 
  5. Tune in to local radio or cable TV for information and instructions.

When OUTDOOR WARNING SIRENS are activated:

  • Do seek shelter
  • Do not call emergency services dispatch (911) to ask why the sirens are sounding!

Hear the Tornado Warning siren sound.
Hear the Other Emergencies siren sound.

Siren Locations in Monroe County

Click here for a map of siren locations and coverage throughout the county.


 Siren Locations
1.  Eagles Landing Ellettsville
2.  Bean Blossom Township Fire Station
3.  Indiana Department of Transportation
4.  Indian Creek Township Fire Station
5.  Harrodsburg Community Center
6.  Sabin Corporation
7.  Unionville Elementary School
8.  Unionville Baptist Church
9.  Riddle Point – Lake Lemon
10. Sherwood Oaks Christian Church
11. Smithville Ball Diamonds
12. City Service Center
13. American Legion
14. The Pointe
15. Batchelor Middle School
16. Century Village – WBWB Tower
17. MDV Nash Finch
18. Monroe County Fairgrounds
19. Stanford Baptist Church
20. Ransburg Boy Scout Camp
21. Ellettsville Intermediate School
22. Summit Elm. School
23. St. John's Catholic Church
24. Dellsville
25. Hoosier Energy
26. East Monroe Water Corp
27. UPA-Family Worship Center
28. Stinesville Lions Club
29. DNR-Fairfax Beach
30. DNR-Paynetown Recreation Area
31. MCSWMD-Anderson Road
32. MCSWMD-Oard Road
33. Woodhaven Church
34. Smithville Telephone SR45
35. Mt Olive Church
36. Bloomington Township Fire Dept (whelen)
IU1. IU Police Department
IU2. Campus Division
IU3. Cyclotron
IU4. Justice Building
IU5. Foster Harper
IU6. Student Union